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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fbnewtz, May 27, 2010.

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    I have gone through the Perfect Server installation making some changes. They are insignificant at this point because that is not what my question is about at this time.

    This is my fourth server I have setup ISPConfig at this time. Everytime I realize after the fact that I did not configure everything properly and should have given it more time before I just jumped right in.

    I really want my FTP user names and web directories to work out properly this time. The only thing I do not understand at this point (and grep'ing through the source code in /usr/local/ispconfig is not helping me with either).

    What are the available [variables] for configuring your server? Are these field names in the database? How are they interpreted? Is there a list somewhere? If I could be told where to look in the code to find out how they are interpreted then I would be more than willing to make a list for everyone to use. Or make a guide to explain to people how to figure out the right ones to use for their preferred setup.

    Any help will greatly be appreciated.
  2. till

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    If you want to get a working system, dont change the paths of the websites or the FTP user or SSH user prefixes! The defaults are the recommended settings and supported settings.

    All available variables are already used in the default settings. The list of variables is:

    Username Prefixes:


    Website path:


    Website symlinks:

  3. fbnewtz

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    It is all very confusing for my end users. It is a very foreign method of setting user names.

    I would prefer everything be tied around a email address instead

    Oh well, I enjoy everything else in ISPConfig. I am not complaining, but it is confusing on why we get the option to change the settings. But I realize we might just want to keep our files in different directories and that is fine.

    Thanks for the explanation though and lets see what happens.
  4. till

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    Thats the way most commercial ISP's do it. The largest german internet service providers use prefixes based on a client specific ID or username for FTP users. I've never seen a single ISP that uses email addresses for FTP accounts, as this will really confuse users when they have a @ in their username.

    The option is there to enable administrators that are aware of all implications that their change might cause to change it.
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