Finished with Hetzner after many years

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by PermaNoob, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. PermaNoob

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    Went to order a new server and they required authorization of release of personal information for the RIPE database for the ip.

    RIPE doesn't require this and I don't want my personal information on the ip, but Hetzner offers no alternative.

    Found another host and I won't use Hetzner again while that policy is in place.
  2. Quaxth

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    I do agree with you as long as you speak about personal private information. Regarding business infos, I don't agree! If you use the Internet for to carry out Business and you business is legal without any kind of cheating, you should be confident and let others know with whom they're dealing, there wouldn't be any reason for to hide such infos. You allways have the choice for to limit those infos to your business. May it need to change some Registration infos, which could be done with no problems.

    Companies like Hetzner underlying the control of some Gov Dep's, same as any other legal business. They will have for sure the infos online WHY they need to get the data they're asking for. If you're satisfied with their service in the past, but regret to follow their NOW rules, it's for sure up to you to change.

    I would do the same if I didn't like something in the process my Registra/Hoster/ISP is (need) to use, but it didn't mean that those company is bad.
  3. Quaxth

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    sorry double post!
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  4. doedels

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    Can you share the name of the alternative hoster you have found?
    I have the same issue with hetzner for personal use, my home contact details should not be on ripe:mad:....

  5. till

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    Here in Germany, each website has to have a imprint page with full personal conatct details and address of the site owner anyway, so it does not matter if the same address is stored in ripe database. and Hetzner is a german hosting company, so it has to comply with local law.
  6. DanielP

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    @till - Think that rule came from EU for consumer protection, we have same rule here in Bulgaria but it is for commercial websites only (any sites that sell something) there is a debate here about if you have advertising if this required do it need personal ones or you can put contacts of advertising network in that case advertising network do the selling and send invoices...

    @PermaNoob If you do not want to have your home address to be listed public go to your local post office register a mailbox (do not sure if you need additional verification for a mail box with Hetzner but they can send you pin by snail mail like google)

    Another not very expensive solution is to register a UK compay they are ready for a day and use it only for that will cost you something under 50 - 60 euros on a year then use company name and registered office address but will be lot more documentation to handle (i'm not a bookkeeper consult with one before registering a company )
  7. Quaxth

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    There's also the way to use a service like WhoisGuard for to have not displayed your personal data. Check it out here: which has to be done via the Registra of your Domain. There will be others available as well and the cost for that is very cheap. By WhoisGuard it starts by US$ 1.58 a year.
  8. doedels

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    I left Hetzner, horrible company, and the support staff is arrogant and treat you like crap.

    They also charge you by default if you ask for LARA (remote console) and they won't tell you that they have a free option if you use virtual media.
    Me and others came to this conclusion, they should at least offer you this option if you ask for LARA but no.... you need to pay. Unless you know about the free option, but they will try to charge you for the service.

    Free option explained at

    And in the FAQ, no mention of the free LARA option

    Seems misleading to me, they should modify the FAQ page to include free option.

    Got my new server at, no ripe nonsense and no sending of photo id, they use confirmed paypal accounts and that is fine by me.
    Server delivery was done in 20 min's.
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