Finally a working postfix server. But need a easy dns configuration

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by mnewbegin, Oct 17, 2007.

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    In previous posts I had been looking for help with Ubuntu. I reinstalled fresh with the Fedora 7..., which works beautifully with minimal problems.


    I have not configured my DNS setup yet with BIND9. I am right now using a account to configure my settings, but I am using 1 domain name on this server right now. I have about 30 domains that I will have to handle for mail delivery. Will ispconfig or webmin handle this.?

    I need a working set of directions that will work in fedora 7 to either setup ISPconfig and manage my DNS settings, or I need a tutorials on how to setup DNS manually for all my domain names.

    If anything 1 single working domain name would make me jump for joy, so I dont have to depend on everydns for my domain pointing.

    If a MOD would like to have SSH access to get a tutorial of this sort done that would make me very happy, to push my server out there

    Overall my final product needs to be my primary server that handles my domain names and the emails associated with them.. with working dns.

    my current email provider uses Qmail and handles our 50 email addresses. 95% of these emails are from 5 or more domains. such as.


    [email protected] but can also be delivered if emailed to an so on.
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    i installed with that

    I installed with that. I said that in my post above I think.

    I just wanted some help with ispconfig

    and setting up bind and virtual hosts and stuff.
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    I just took a peek at ISPConfig Documentation located at:

    In this page you will notice that the suggested HowTo is:

    The HowTo you used already?
    It would appear that you may want to look over the HowTo and see what you missed, there's not allot to do when installing ISPConfig, Falko provided a link at the end of the HowTo dealing with installing ISPConfig:

    Thank you
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    yah im installing now.


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