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    Is it possible to filter outgoing e-mails of user and redirect them to specified addresses depends on recipient address. More specific, there are 4-5 "white list" email addresses, where the user can send and the others must be redirected to 1 "catch all" address. I try to do something with content filter, but only partially - redirected every mail from this to user from "whitelist":
    Header checks:
    /(From:.*[email protected])(.*To:[email protected])/m REDIRECT [email protected]
    /(From:.*[email protected])(.*To:[email protected])/m REDIRECT [email protected]
    But how to catch others, not in the whitelist, and redirect them to [email protected] :confused: .
    If i add /^From: .*[email protected]/ REDIRECT [email protected],AFTER the other rules, nothing happens, if i add it BEFORE, every mail goes to catchall.
    Sorry for my bad english and thank you in advance!
  2. ivowolfen

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    Any help, please.

    Any help, please :(

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