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Do you want filemanager in ispconfig3?

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  1. Ilko

    Ilko New Member


    I searched for similar feature request for ispconfig3.1 ... there were some old requests for older ispconfig3 versions several years ago, so in the end I decided to post this one.

    Why is filemanager needed?
    Filemanager is important addition to any web hosting control panel. It does not only allows you for quick and easy update/edit of files, but also archive and extract large ammount of files and manage them trough the web interface wherever you are.

    How is filemanager different from WebDav and FTP/SFTP?
    After a single click, the whole structure of the web directory and files within it are being revealed. This is not the case with WebDav, or FTP/SFTP, where you need to have additional application and set it to connect with the server (not to mention, that WebDav is not even supported with Nginx in ispconfig3). Filemanager is just easier and more faster way to do things, especially if you are not on your local computer, or you are not allow to set/configure additional third party applications.

    What am I suggesting?
    I am currently using monstaFTP, demo here -->
    It does works perfectly with ISPconfig3, the only annoying thing is that you have to login via FTP user/pass. The new version of monstaFTP (version 2.0) that is about to come out next months will be supporting SFTP (ssh ftp) as well as some very good features. Is it possible to integrate it completely in ispconfig3 as a filemanager and make it login the user automatically? If there is another, better application to use as filemanager it will be okay as well. The point is to have a filemanager in ispconfig3 ... I am sure, even if this is a paid add-on, many will be interested with it and will be willing to spend funds for it as I do.
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  2. Any open source implementation would be appreciated!
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  3. NeonTigerUK

    NeonTigerUK Member HowtoForge Supporter

    A file manager will elevate ISPC to the top of the pile, even against paid, commercial solutions like Plesk & cPanel
  4. concept21

    concept21 Member

    Install Webmin. It is fine to me. :D
  5. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    The biggest hurdle is that the filemanager would have to be open source to be included inside of ISPconfig. While MonstaFTP is great you have to pay for it to get features like the file editor.

    An interesting open source jquery based filemanager like would be perfect as its written in javascript and would fit inside of the structure of ISPConfig.

    Also these filemanagers are FTP based so you would have to include a special ftp user/pw or setup a temporary one every time your file manager launched

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