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Discussion in 'General' started by misterm, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. misterm

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    Hello with all I seek a filemanager for ispconfig, like the filemanager of VHCS 2, that exists or not, I seek the same kind without installing VHCS 2 of course…

    MM :confused:;)
  2. JeGr

    JeGr Member

    What kind of file mananger and what for?
  3. misterm

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    I do not include/understand your question

    I do not include/understand your question

    I seek a filemanager to manage files, uploader, to download, copy, re-elect, with connection by ftp, here, I believe that my topics is clear, not

    MM :confused:
  4. JeGr

    JeGr Member

    Not quite, as I personally don't understand how that's related to ISPConfig as a control panel. I don't see it as ISPCs job to supply such a file manager and see it as a nice bonus to have the little ftp-web-client they built in already. But a serious big file manager project is a thing of it's own - you can just install anyone, that suits your handling the best way. :)

    Or do I miss sth. in your question that belongs explicitly to ISPC?
  5. edge

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    Don't you just love those online translators :)

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