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    Hi all,

    this is my 2nd thread post to this forum..:)
    Recently I woking on a system develop project where I have to setup 3 webserver with a load balancing server. those 3 webserver will contain the same content of a website, like if one webserver go down then other servers will fullfill that server work.... now I have to make a system where when our developer upload a file in no1 webserver then the same file automaticaly update in other 2 webservers, so that the developer wil relife from the botheration of uploading the same file to 3 different webserver....

    is there anybody who can able to help me out? Im not bit fimiliar with this kinna concept.....


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    its not really or at all File replication
    but its an simple way
    u have an server backend
    with like RAID setup
    if one drives dies
    just take it out and replace it
    and the server keeps on kicking alone

    than u just make on the www front end
    to the server/webroot/

    and same for any Vhost sites

    and just once
    all sites have the file

    never try and dont have time to play around with File replication. ATM

    good luck with it anyway :)
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    If you do not mind spending some money you can use PeerFS across the servers, it does true file based replication not block replication meaning it is more efficient than DRDB

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