few question about pure-FTP and SSH and Postfix

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Zbych, Feb 9, 2007.

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    Welcome everybody :)

    I'am new user (Debian) Linux who help me?

    1. When I install by apt-get on my debian system pure-ftpd standalone instalation and i want change authentication Pam (-l pam) to PureDB - virtual users and I don know how and where is file with config.
    Normally server start
    /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd -l pam -u 1000 -E -O clf:/var/log/pure-ftpd/transfer.log -B
    How I can change this setup start?

    2. Who know solution - script for pure-ftp who's give automatic information by mail about upload files into user directory on the server?

    3. I hear about another way to secure FTP - Ftp over SSH. How configure pure-ftp over SSH on Debian step by step maybe sombody write tutorial about setup Pure-ftp over SSL and SSH?

    4. I want use Winscp client for many people to transfer security file
    to my server by SSH and I install scponly solution (apt-get install scponly)
    i create user (for example useradd -d /home/biker -s /usr/local/sbin/scponlyc biker) password for this user and i can't login this user by Winscp What I doing wrong?

    5. I hear about few solution Chrooted SSH
    SSHjail for OpenSSH http://paradigma.pt/~gngs/sshjail/
    RSSH http://www.pizzashack.org/rssh/
    SCPonly http://sublimation.org/scponly/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

    I need only transfer security file to difrent directory for every user by Winscp client which solution choose and How configure step by step ?

    6. I want in postfix add information to every outgoing mail from the server
    (few line text for example advertising site) How configure this service?

    7. I looking for ftp server (non commercial) with security (for example SSL) transfer login, password, data and simply to use client to transfer data to server. Who know good solution - ftp server ?

    Thank's every person who help me.
  2. falko

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    Take a look at this tutorial: http://www.howtoforge.com/pureftpd_mysql_virtual_hosting

    Take a look here: http://www.howtoforge.com/chrooted_ssh_howto_debian

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