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  1. Seumas

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    Quick question here, after setting up ispconfig3 on Ubuntu 12.04, all is working fine, however, when I try and use the fetchmail feature to get the email from the old 3rd party hosting service I choose imap for protocol and it does not get the custom folders and their contents, only what is in the inbox. No sent mail, drafts, junk, etc. Is there a way to do this? maybe edit the getmail conf?
    Another thought, what is happening is our employees already have folders and email in their email client programs (outlook etc) is there a way to configure postfix to import these during synchronization instead of using the new empty email account on the new server as default and wiping the clients data? So that it will synchronize the email to the new server?
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    for the second part you can set up an imap account on the client and copy the messages from the email client to your mailbox ... just drag & drop :)
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    Well I tried many things, but came across imapsync while googleing. A command line imap transfer program, it cost 42 Euro's but considering I have almost 60 email accounts with sometimes up to 20 folders, it was the easiest solution, and it works like a charm! Well worth the money, especially since I am billing my client for it and I get to keep it :)

    Thanks for all the reads and replies!

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