Fetchmail download all my email to [email protected] and not into users mail folders

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by kameelperdza, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. kameelperdza

    kameelperdza New Member

    Hi my emails is download from the ISP to [email protected]. How can i set that the email is devided into the corrent users email folder. Becos all the email is is [email protected].

    What can i set so that the emails is put into the correvt users email folder.

    Hope to get a anwer

  2. Flash

    Flash New Member

    Already gave you an answer in your other topic.
  3. kameelperdza

    kameelperdza New Member

    i think i found a answers to mu problem. I am able to download all email to one address. So i think i can setup all the user accounts on the remote server and then set fetchmail to retrieve each users email from his remote folder and put it in his local folder. I just hope that it wont slow down my system. The good thing to this solution is that when they send large emails to each other then it wont use up my bandwidth.

    What do you think

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