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    On page:


    it is suggested that mirror: http://newrpms.sunsite.dk be added.

    It seems this mirror has nothing for Fedora beyong FC3:


    Mirror http://freshrpms.net offers the try2 update for mplayer, not he latest from June 5th. Unless Microsoft standard are accepted, Isn't a whole week a long time to provide an update?

    Oups! One more thing. It is suggested to download the DVD, but I don't have a DVD reader. Is it possible to download only, say, two CDs and install the rest online, though I see none for this version? Is the Live-CD suited for installation? I know there is a small CD for a complete online installation, but I don't like this method much: if something goes wrong and you have to reinstall, you don't have what you need at hand. Downloading more than 2G or making a complete network install seems a ridiculous alternative. That's not what most people expect.

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