Fedora Core 5 - The Perfect Setup : how to uninstall ISPConfig?

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    I have had a play around with ISPConfig and while I can see it's usefullness, I have decided it's not for me, I just want the webserver, don't want to run an entire ISP!

    1. I have made manual backups of the three files mentioned when you run ./setup. But the install_ispconfig directory has been deleted after installation was complete, taking the uninstall script with it.

    How do I uninstall ISPConfig?

    2. I have used webmin in the past to configure apache, but it is not available with the repositories that are enabled by default. I have borked the package management system on my last Fedora install (FC3) by enabling too many repos, if you could suggest a repo that has webmin and is compatible with core, updates and extras, I would appreciate it.

    How do I install webmin?

    Thanks for your time

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