Fedora 9 Network Manager asking for keyring password

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by jkrell, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. jkrell

    jkrell New Member

    OK, so I recently upgraded my wife's desktop from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 using the Preupgrade walkthrough. Following the upgrade, I had some problems with ndiswrapper and my wireless adapter, so I had to do some YUM trickery but have it working now. However, the annoying thing is that EVERY TIME we log her in, the GUI comes up and then it immediately asks for her keyring password (which is the same as her login password). Once we put in the keyring password, it connects to the wireless network. Without the keyring password, it will not connect to the wireless network.

    How do we get rid of the annoying query for the keyring password. Interestingly, nothing else has asked for the keyring password. BTW, I read somewhere that the GDM login is supposed to be tied to the keyring. Is that true? If so, why the issues.

    I have pam_keyring and gnome-keyring-manager installed.
  2. jkrell

    jkrell New Member

    BTW, before the upgrade, this did not happen in Fedora 8. I set up Fedora 8 using the "Perfect Desktop" howto.
  3. dalewilcox

    dalewilcox New Member


    Open .gnome2/keyrings and delete login.keyring. When you log back in you will be prompted for a new password.

    That should fix you problem.
  4. jkrell

    jkrell New Member

    In the terminal, I used <cd ~/.gnome2> and did a <dir> and there is no "keyrings" file there. Could this file be located somewhere else?
  5. dalewilcox

    dalewilcox New Member


    The file is located in the /home dir of the user. Example /home/dale/.gnome2/keyrings

  6. dalewilcox

    dalewilcox New Member


    Did not look at you message close.

    at the command prompt type ls .gnome2/keyrings. Do not put anything in front of .gnome2 but the period.

    Mind you this is in the /home directory for the user.
  7. jkrell

    jkrell New Member

    I found the file. You were right; I was looking in the root directory, not in the user's home folder.

    Unfortunately, I deleted the "login.keyring" file, rebooted, entered the password again, and then rebooted again and... still being prompted for the password right after logging in. Deleting the "login.keyring" file did not seem to change anything.
  8. o.meyer

    o.meyer ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Hi jkrell,

    please delete -all- files in the keyring folder and log out and in again. Now, when you enter a password for the first time (Evolution, WLAN ...) you'll be asked for a new password for the default keyring - and if it shall be opened automatically after login - choose "Yes".

    Best regards,

  9. jkrell

    jkrell New Member

    OK, I will give that a try. As I recall, there were a couple other files in the keyring folder so I will delete them and reboot when I get home tonight.

    I'll post the results here.
  10. jkrell

    jkrell New Member

    No go. I tried this twice, and I do not get asked whether the keyring should be opened automatically after login. After I log in, I have to enter the WIFI WEP key again, and then it presents a dialog box telling me to choose a new password for the default keyring, and offers "DENY" or "OK" as the choices.
  11. jnoake

    jnoake New Member

    Network Manager Keyring passsword

    I have this issue on Fedora 11. Was there a conclusion to this?

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