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    Hey Guys,
    Firstly I have been using the howto guides since I moved to linux. They are an absolute godsend. i have mainly been using the perfect desktop guides... especially with Fedora.

    I am now setting up a some Fedora 8 server. I have been following the perfect server setup. I am however confused on many aspects of DNS.

    I want to host DNS on this server. It will also be used as a mail, ftp and web server.

    I have questions about the domain side setup and the server side setup...

    I have only 1 IP. Do I register that ip with:
    - ns1.mydomain.com
    - ns2.mydomain.com

    Assuming thats correct lets move on...

    On the first page of the the:

    you can enter a static IP and primary and secondary DNS server...

    So i use the ip
    my host name is www1.mydomain.com

    because this machine is my dns server for primary and secondary dns server do I put for both?

    Looking forward to your responses. And I understand I don't know what the hell im talking about for some reason i'm having trouble wrapping my head around DNS.. BUT I am willing to learn and want to learn

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    One Last Quesiton... :)

    When I am setting the default gateway on my server... is it the local machines IP or my routers...

    I am now using a 3rd party dns solution...

    im using SoftLayers DNS to handle my home servers dns recrods
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