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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nitchimon, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. nitchimon

    nitchimon New Member

    Great product! Thanks to all whose hard work is shown in this software! The step by step HOW-TOs are fantastic!

    I got some issues though.

    1) DNS Problem. A domain is already set up on a primary DNS server with and IP assigned. Using the F5 walktrhough, I added 2 IPs as shown. OK fine.
    I created a Reseller to add domains and customers. Set myself up as a "reseller" to do the bulk of domains I own. I go into add a domain and assign one of the 2 IPs I added to to the server.
    a) I get an error message that the domain is already hosted ???? Nope its not.
    ISPCONFIG must check for the existance of an external DNS record and assume that its already live somewhere else. Thus the message. Ok.. HOW do you stop this from doing that? I do not want to use the DNS backend here.

    b) When I assign a domain to an IP address that has been added to the interface ( eth0:0, eth0:1, etc.) No matter what you try, it always gives me the default "SHARED IP screen". Annoying. I see in the /etc/httpd/conf/Vhosts_ispconfig.conf that is correctly adds the domains and assigns the IPs correctly... But at the top of the config file, it forces the following:
    Why in the world would it think that its a shared IP ?? Its not! below these lines are the correct entries fro apache to handle each domain, yet it can never get there because of the bogus top stuff!

    IPs are changed to protect the innocent. This is set up in a small ISP environment where we are testing various packages to use. We REALLY like this software but its VERY confusing.

    We tried to go through the forums, but sometimes its really confusing!
    Can't find the answers or not the same problem.

    Can anyone help with WHY its always defaulting to the sharedip for a new domain ? And/Or why its always adding this to the top of the config file for a vhost?

    The server is a new install of both fedora 5 and ispconfig.

    is there anyway to easily add new interfaces (eth0:8,eth0:9, etc) into the system besides manually doing this or using WEBMIN ?

    Virtual hosting is good, but what if I wanted to dedicate IPs to people ?

    thanks in advance!


    is there any way that I can ONLY assign certain IPs that are defined on the system to specific resellers ? Or is ISPCONFIG moreso for just 1 IP address and pure virtual hosting?
    Say I define 50 IPs on a server and want to assign 5 to reseller 1 and 10 to reseller 2 ? can this be done to reseller 1 does not use nor see the IPs for reseller 2 ?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    1a) Please check that the domain is in none of the recycle bin's. If you find it there, empty the recycle bin.

    1b) ISPConfig uses namebased vhosts. You must use the domain to connect to the vhost, not the IP. This means your domain must point with an A-Record to your server. If you server is behind a router, you must use your internal IP address for the website, not the erxternal IP.
  3. nitchimon

    nitchimon New Member

    First off, thank you for replying.

    1a) Did that. Still same problem. Saw in another post on the list that the vhosts could get corrupted and/or confused. removed the vhost file and removed the domains. rebooted server and readded the domains. Still same problem. Got annoyed and just removed the /sharedip lines in the top of the vhost file... added another domain... its working fine... ???!!!

    1b) I do not use internal Ips. Behind firewall with a regular IP assigned.

    Now have 4 domains running on this server. A little confusing HOW I got them to work.. but I did.

    Is there any way to set up separate email boxes for users within domains, instead of the way its done now? I have some domains that client want "[email protected]" and "[email protected], etc. Yet I can only have 1 INFO user. I can set aliases, but in the long run can confuse a user...

    again.. great product!

  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Shure. Yoou can have add a [email protected] account for every website. I guess you accidently added the domains as co-domains instaed of creating a website for every domain.

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