Fedora 11 - themes & dock & especially help getting them setup?

Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by virtuallynothere, Sep 30, 2009.

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    I just loaded Fedora 11 on my laptop - dell e6500, 4gb ram, plenty of disk space, etc.
    I installed a bunch of stuff to get things working as I followed the HowToForge perfect desktop guide for the most part, I didn't take some items.

    I have been on linux for a few months and I do "OK" with it, day to day I can work, but not as effectively as if I were on Windows - I know it's a learning curve and that is cool.

    I always see these really nice themes at gnome look or sites like the http://www.bisigi-project.org/?lang=en

    I can never figure out and haven't gotten an answer on how to actually install one of the themes and get it to look like the screenshots.
    My Nvidia card should handle all the ones I have found, and I get the theme installed but then can't figure out or find what the compiz settings should be, what dock is used, how to get the dock to look like the screens, and how to get conky setup & configured like some have it in the theme previews, or the other resource monitor type app like conky ( i forget what it is called),

    Anyway, can anyone help me make Fedora 11 look like something such as:


    I am not sold on that theme, just an example of one I can't figure out how to get going..

    I am also lost on what the difference is between metacity, emerald, gtk, and which themes I should look for to install?

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