Fedora 10 network config issue

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tinker, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. tinker

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    I installed Fedora 10 & ISPConfig 3 on a new server, however I am running into a network issue. First, the DNS setting, set through system-config-network, are lost when I reboot the server. I have entered the information serveral time now. I'm wondering if there is a file that I can edit to enter the information with out the config tool. The second issue is that in my mail log, all of the mail in bounced with an error "no route to host". I'm not sure if these are related. I followed the firewall instructions (The perfect server), and went back through them just to make sure that I didn't miss a step. however, the issue is still there. Any thoughts?
  2. tinker

    tinker New Member

    Half way there

    I resolved the "no route to host" issue by adding a relay host to the postfix main.cf file. :) I still have a few more issues; the network config is still getting reset when I reboot the server, and now that I have the mail going I need to figure out where it is going to. The emails are being processed by the mail server, but they are not going to the mail boxes. Any thoughts?
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    I guess the problem is caused by NetworkManager. Please disable it...
    chkconfig --del NetworkManager
    chkconfig --levels 235 network on 
    ... and reboot the system:
  4. tinker

    tinker New Member

    Fix one, find another

    That seems to have fixed the network problem. Thanks!

    Now I'm running into other issues, I'll start a new thread.

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