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Discussion in 'Technical' started by kaza, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Few days ago I had an unpleasant surprize: my FC11 desktop froze completely.
    I powered up my PC, logged in, opened FireFox, went to a link, got distracted
    for a few minutes and when I came back - the desktop was absolutely stuck:
    no mouse movements, no response to keys pressed, the "gkrellm" graphs that
    are always at the right side stopped updating and so was the terminal
    with "top" which is always at the right lower corner. I had to brutally reset
    the system. During the about 8 months that I have this PC it's the second or a
    third time. Apart from hardware problems, can it be something else? I think
    the previous time it also happened when I opened the FireFox and went to
    some link. After such an event happens and after I power down and reboot,
    is there any log file that I can look at after the next reboot that might
    hold any clue as to what caused the freeze?

    My PC is AMD Phenom X4 on ASUS M3A79T deluxe mboard,
    with 4GB of non-buffered DDR2 and no overclocking.
    FC11 installed on a RAID0 disk comprized of two Fujitsu SAS
    disks controlled by:
    Adaptec ICP5165BR SAS/SATA 16-PORT 256M
    Also, an old SCSI-2 disk with few HPFS partitions (ECS)
    is controlled by LSI203201E and the same controller is
    connected to a SCSI tape. I think I terminated correctly both ends
    of the SCSI chain but I'll re-check. Can an unterminated end cause
    such a total and solid desktop freeze under LINUX?

    TIA for any idea,

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