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Discussion in 'General' started by Dark_Balor, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Dark_Balor

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    [SOLVED]FastCGI ignore directive


    I have a big problem with FastCGI for php.
    I created an another the master file (conf-custom) vhost to change these values :

         # Idle fastcgi will not be killed if their count is less than n
          # Set this to 0, and tweak IdleTimeout
              DefaultMinClassProcessCount 0
              # DefaultMaxClassProcessCount n (100)
          # The maximum number of fastcgi application instances allowed to run for
          # particular one fastcgi application.
          DefaultMaxClassProcessCount 4
    I regenerate the vhost's config for my website, everything fine.
    Then I used ab to test my server while monitoring it with top.
    ab -n500 -c20
    Top said that there was 20 php-cgi spawn by apache ... instead of the max I set (4) ...
    I tried with FcgidMaxProcessesPerClass (, make it global in http.conf etc ... every time it's ignored ...

    I don't know what to do ... I tried everything I know and every time it's failed ...

    I used this tutorial to install my server : (apache2-mpm-prefork)

    Just used aptitude instead of apt-get.

    I compiled and added eAccelerator (try with and without nothing change)

    Then ... help ...

    Edit : wait for the moderator to approve my last post with the solution.
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  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Try to use this variable instead:

    MaxProcessCount 4
  3. Dark_Balor

    Dark_Balor New Member

    I don't want to block the total of Fcgi child to 4 (already configured to 32).

    This param works (just tried before going here) but I have other website on the server with that param the other sites are blocked as the Max is reached ...

    And I can't use MaxProcessCount in <virtualhost>

    Don't know what to do ...
  4. Dark_Balor

    Dark_Balor New Member

    Okay I found why ...

    Because in the last version of mod_fcgi (2.3.6) they change how this param work.

    I just goes to their website and find a patch to have the "old way".

    Everything is here
    Hope it'll help somebody else too.

    (just had to install the patch manually, change one line with one other)

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