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  1. brokendown

    brokendown New Member

    Hi there ,!

    well after a few months i have installed ispconfig 3 , i thought id start by saying thank you in advance for a great and wonderfull product .. ispconfig3 !!

    keep up the works!..

    after a piece of cake install on any server i might add ( tested it on 5 machines) and all on lenny worked like a charm ..

    so now for my newly and definative setup i have created :

    2 ISPconfig machines ( identical machines in hardware/ 2x hp dl360)
    1 Freenas machine 4 TB mirrored storage
    1 Maia machine 300GB storage ( dl380)

    the maia / and ispconfig machines have 2 nics and internal and external ips
    the nas only has an internal adres .

    what i would like :
    a client creates a domain , ispconfig will create the domain ( site ) on the freenas server , and the ( email , if selected when antispam has been given , created on the maia machine )
    ( one step futher is that the other ispmachine will take over when the isp1 machine is down )

    the reason im asking this if the ispconfig machines only have 32gb space while the freenas has more then enough to host some sites.

    i have followed the guide how to forge ispconfig 3 , and
    installing-maia-mailguard-on-debian-lenny & virtual-users-domains-postfix-courier-mysql-squirrelmail-debian-lenny

    can someone help me with pointing me into the right direction to :

    - make ispconfig create the client WEBdirs on the NAS ( it does not have a mount yet and no data on it )

    - make ispconfig create the client EMail on the MAIA server

    i could also settle for implementing maia on ispconfig 3 , but the storage must then be on the NAS..

    and maybe finally make the 2nd ispconfig server a backup of the 1st :)
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    These setups are incompatible with ispconfig 3, as ispconfig replaces and supercedes the functionality of thes esetups. Please use only the perfect setup guide for ispconfig 3 to install a server for ispconfig 3.

    Mount the NAS as /var/www directory.
  3. brokendown

    brokendown New Member

    Till ,


    however maia is on a seperate machine and i used the guides to install maia on THAT machine not on the ISPConfig Machines, is there another way or another distri for antispam i could use , to let my clients administer their email spam?

    and mounting the NAS as /var/www/ will that not be hazardous when using the backup isp3 config machine ?
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  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPCOnfig contains amavis which is an advanced spam scanner and the spam filter settings can be administrede by the clients.

    If the NAS or the connection to the NAS will fail, then the whole server fails.
  5. brokendown

    brokendown New Member


    Thanks for your quick reply ..

    i know ispconfig uses amavis , i know maia also uses amavis , however i want my clients to have a webinterface to read their spam .. and give them control over their domain .. so that they can release non-spam or access that remotely

    maia has the webinterface to release spam and re-queue that for their mail ..

    about the nas , ill try that later on maybe mounting machine A:

    machine A /var/www -->/nas/isp1
    machine B /var/www -->/nas/isp2
  6. brokendown

    brokendown New Member

    after a search on mounting the nas drive im curious .. how to i mount my nas as /var/www

    mount -t smbfs // /mnt/test

    works .. now only to use it as /var/www without distroying the current directory on the server
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Using smbfs will most likely not work as smbfs is not able to store linux file system permissions correctly. Better mount the nas as nfs share.

    1) copy all data to the nas:

    cp -prf /var/www/* /mnt/test

    2) Stop apache
    3) rename /var/www directory:

    mv /var/www /var/www_bak

    4) Unmount the test directory:

    umount /mnt/test

    5) Mount test directory as /var/www and start apache again.
  8. i-chat

    i-chat New Member

    i understand that you want an external mailscanner- however to be able to manage a thing like that you would have to manualy update acconts for it as ispconfig cant do it atomatic.

    therefore i would recomend you think this through, do you either want easy management, on your side, (and live with not having the maia extentions,

    or must it have maia - but require you to update the accounts by hand,

    there may be a semi- automated solution if the external system allow for mail-based- authentication, (requiring users to login with thair email account onse and reply to a confirmation email (of some sort).

    the other sulution ofcaurse its just using a 3 server setup (3x ispconfig).

    however, running 2 websservers is nice, but in that case you might want to investigate some load balancing, (there are many options including round-robin).

    you also should invest in a 2nd NAS,

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