Failover with Ucarp

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    I use a router TP-LINK R480T +.
    I have 2 servers on which is Linux - "CentOS 5.6"
    I use failover with UCARP.
    "UCARP allows a couple of hosts to share common virtual IP addresses in order
    to provide automatic failover ".

    The router gives the IP address of (00:00: E8: 05:17:25) to a single server, and (00:0 D: 61:70: F0: A6) the second server.
    On the first server ( - 00:00: E8: 05:17:25) rises with the alias IP address of
    Port Forwarding -> Virtual server on the router is configured with the IP address
    With the fall of the first server, alias rises on the second server ( - 00:0 D: 61:70: F0: A6)
    But the router still has about 5 minutes, continues to send packets to the first server with MAC adress 00:00: E8: 05:17:25

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