Failover apache : Haproxy & keepalived

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    Hello people !

    I want to configure a simple failover for my web server without load balancing.

    I found 2 solutions :

    1.) A director like HAproxy, redirects the requests to my web server 1, if it is down, the director redirects to my web server 2 configured with the "backup" option. The director should be checked with keepalived.

    2.) Just configure an IP failover with keepalived between my 2 servers. They share a virtual ip address passing from one to another.

    I have some questions about these.

    1.) I follow this tutorial but when I configure keepalived, the two directors have the VIP configured in same time on their ethernet interface :s ... I suppose that the backup server must configure this vip if the master server is down, right ? And secondly the priority seems not to work...

    2.) Is it possible with keepalived to check http or tcp service ? At this moment to redirect the requests to the second server, the master server must have a network or hardware issue... How to do for check http or tomcat service ? For example : if these services don't work, the vip is transfered to the backup server...

    3.) The same as the two but with HAproxy.

    4.) Someone has a better solution ? xD

    Thanks a lot everybody !
  2. Slyz0r

    Slyz0r New Member

    About the first question, I found the solution !
    My firewall blocked multicast paquets. ;) !

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