Extreme n00b questions re: Ubuntu 6.06 Perfect Setup

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by titbeak, Sep 2, 2006.

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    First, hi all - my first post and finding this site a great resource so thanks :)

    Also apologies if i should have kept this in a previous thread, but thought the nature of the questions warranted a new thread. Basically im an absolute n00b to working with linux and the reason i have followed the Ubuntu 6.06 Perfect guide is that i want to host all of my websites on my own server as its becoming expensive paying monthly set up fees at hosting companies!

    So i have various questions about this and would REALLY appreciate some feedback :) (I have followed the guide right up to the ISPConfig bit so dont have any problems with the guide as such)

    1) At the end of the guide it says to download ISPConfig but how do i do this from the command line? The only way i know is by using curl, but curl is not a known command. (I bet you're thinking im really dumb by now!)

    2) Do i have to start any processes in order for my webserver to function or is all i have to do is simply turn it on?

    3) Assume i have a website of mysite.com - what is the address(es) that i point the nameservers at so my webpage will point to my webserver?

    4) How do i host multiple websites from my webserver, do i use different nameservers or have different directories?

    I think thats all i need to know, im sure ill encounter some other problems along the way but im really appreciative of the help.


  2. Ben

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    Well I think you should never the less google a bit around for some linux introductions, especcially for things like quesiont 2 etc. because they are improtant basics...

    1.) try wget. just enter "wget URL" (without ") and see what it does... you can even finish a broken download by using wget -c for more see: man wget or wget --help

    2.) normally if you install the webserver (or when it is already installed) it will be automatically started. The scripts for starting daemons are in /etc/init.d
    Which daemons an script shall run depending on your runlevel (for a server normally 3) can be found in /etc/rc.[runlevel]/ here are symlinks to the script from init.d. The S stands for start and K for kill the number afterwards for the priority when to to what. There is also a tool for creating such stuff but I normally do that by hand, maybe sb. else can help here.

    3.) The adress must be given by your provider but I guess if you set it up you should already have it? You can check your ip with ifconfig interface (normally ifconfig eth0)

    4.) First of all you should split things up here. Nameservers on your machine are not necessary for hosting sth. E.g. I use my DNS-Providers NS (so I don't need to care about anything here).
    For hosting multiple sites you just create the webs with ISPConfig. You can point as much DNS A Records / CNames as you like to your machine...
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    Thanks mate :)

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