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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by yurtboy1, Jan 21, 2008.

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    not sure but seems simple.
    One of the site on my server needs an external mail server for all emails being sent from say webbased drupal forms.
    ISP Manager-->the site-->Options-->External Mail Server
    I thought would do it but still they stay local.
    This means no drupal forms, of notifications work for that domain since it says that user does not exist.
    Server One the web server is just that web (ISPCONFIG)
    Server Two is where I want the emails to go to.
    The MX records are set to the other server as well.
    Also if I go a bit deeper in
    Or do I have to set
    ISP Manager-->the site-->Co-domains-->Root domain (ie no www)-->Options-->External Server
    To make this all wotk? (this seems to be the one just wondering if it is it)
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    www.domain.com and domain.com are two "independant" domains, so you have to set www.domain.com to external mailserver in the site settings and domain.com to external in the co-domain settings.
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    seems I was thinking out loud as I answered my own question

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