Extending Perfect Server - Debian Squeeze - two installation errors

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rdan, Jul 7, 2011.

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    I took out squirrelmail and installed roundcube. Following the instructions, I also installed version 1 of the fail2ban plugin. It appears that the plugin is not needed, but I may not have uninstalled it properly, because I keep getting the following warning:
    PHP Warning: Module 'uploadprogress' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
    It comes every 30 minutes, so it must be associated with a cron run every 30 minutes. Can't seem to get rid of the warning message.

    The other problem is associated with awstats. As per the instructions, I went ahead with the "anytime awstats" modifications. I was not able to figure out the instructions for the mycron.php file and simply inserted the text in the box on page 4 of the instructions. After creating the shell script and modifying cron, I was no longer able to get to the awstats page, even after making changes to the statistics page in the ispconfig3 admin program. Since making the modifications to awstats, I am getting a page-not-found error on the stats directory. I've tried various things (e.g. removing the scripts and taking cron back to the original), but am still not able to get to the stats directory in the website (drupal 7). Any ideas?
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    uploadprogress problem solved

    Seem to have solved the uploadprogress warning. It was not a roundcube issue. I had added the extension=uploadprogress.so extension to the main php.ini file, and had also added it to the uploadprogress.ini file for the drupal material on pg. 3.

    I have not made any progress on the awstats problem.
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    awstats problem solved

    The "page not found" error with regard to awstats was a drupal issue. I had re-built the node access permissions and the original permissions to access the /stats directory were lost. In order to get it back I had to create a custom page in drupal with the required information, including the authorization.

    Since then I re-applied the "anytime stats" instructions and it works. It seems that mycron.php is a new file which includes only the material from the box shown in point 9. Don't know why the cron_daily.php material was copied into the file when it is all deleted and replaced by the mycron.php material. Someone please let me know if this an incorrect interpretation of the instructions. As noted, it worked for me.

    Sorry for the false alarms.

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