Exclude log size from web space statistics

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    With setting

    $go_info["server"]["perms_root"]["logs"] = true;
    in config file config.inc.php we are able to exclude logs from web quota. But if customer use website space statistics ispconfig still shows statistics with log files size included.

    This behaviour we can easily change by modifying "du" command in file:

    on line 61 or 63 (if you are not use sudo for generating stats). You have to add --exclude=log after --max-depth=1 directive as follows:

    $fd = popen ("sudo du -h --max-depth=1 --exclude=log ".$path_httpd_root."/web".$web_id, "r");
    This is dirty hack only. This behaviour should depend on other system variables. I created feature request for this so you can vote for it:


    I hope it will help somebody :)

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