Everything is right and it works, but its mixed up....

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tguillea, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I'm not sure how I've managed to do this but here we go... ns1.domain.com (which is supposed to be a nameserver) will load both squirrelmail and phpmyadmin and behaves perfectly.

    domain.com cannot access either program (even with a :8080 appended to the link).

    I've set up symlinks which seem to be doing the trick, but there's still something wrong here...

    Here's my DNS config on my server as it is in the DNS manager part of the control panel:
    A ape 0
    A domain.com. 0
    A mail 0
    A server1 0
    A www 0
    CNAME *.ape ape 0
    MX domain.com. mail.domain.com. 10
    NS domain.com. ns1.domain.com. 0
    NS domain.com. ns2.domain.com. 0

    hostname is set up as server1.dollarhauler.com.

    I used to have two additional A's pointing ns1 and ns2 to the IP address, but I've been messing around with this because it seemed to cause the issues with PHPMyAdmin and SquirrelMail disappearing.

    With my registrar, I then have two IPs going to ns1.domain.com and one pointed to ns2.domain.com.

    Literally everything is set up and working just GREAT, I just can't figure this out after spending literally the last 36 hours of my life on this nonsense :D
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  3. tguillea

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    I had that and was messing around with some settings - obviously it stopped working once that change propagated.

    I figured it out - basically, ns1.domain.com pointed to the apache web root rather than the ispconfig 3 created domain web root. As a result, the symlinks that were set up to /var/www/webmail (or phpmyadmin) worked just fine, but once it tried to access /var/www/domain.com/web/webmail, the symlink didn't exist and it could not be found.

    Also, for some reason I was missing an open_basedir for phpmyadmin, which seems to be a common dumb mistake.

    Log story short, this was a symlink mixup on my part messing things up.

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