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    System Info:
    Ubuntu Server 10.04
    ISPConfig3 v.
    Single Server Setup
    NameServer: Only Primary ns1.mydomain.tld

    Regarding ISPConfig3 Control Panel
    (In the manual page 223)

    (ISP Control Panel)
    System - Server Config - Server
    Network Configuration (checked) The network configuration option is only etc. etc.

    (Manual page 223)
    Nameservers: Fill in the IP addresses of nameservers that this server will use to do DNS lookups. You can specify multiple nameservers by separating them with a comma. These should be the nameservers from
    /etc/resolv.conf .

    ( /etc/resolv.conf on server )
    domain: home
    search: home

    1. Why is the nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf not the same as in the ISP ControlPanel(, - The (Network Configuration) is (checked)! Shouldn't be updated automaticly?
    2. The second nameserver mentioned is my gateway. Is this right?
    3. domain, search - is this right?
    4. Would it not be better or more correct if I use my ISP's nameservers instead of Google's ???

    (Bought the manual - answer nowhere to be found)

    Looking forward to your response :)

    Kind Regards,
    Dan Hansen

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