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    Hi all,

    I have Errors is ISCP Cron-log, the errors are appearing after the update from v3.03 to v3.0.4.1

    Error: (CLI:003) Specified controller does not exist.
    This one is repeating every 10 minutes

    TERM environment variable not set.
    This one is repeating but I guess every hour.

    I've search the forum and found one related to a raid set, fyi there's is no raid set.

    Can somebody give my a pinter to the right direction?

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    Do you use a ovh server? Then thats a known problem in the ovh server images. OVH uses the same server image for all servers, even if they dont have a raid card. So your server has raid drivers installed but no raid card, so for ispconfig it looks as if a raid controller is preset as the drivers are installed and answering while the raid hardware itself is missing and that produces this log message when ispconfig quries the driver software for the raid status.
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    Grrrr, known issue...

    You're right, i'm using a OVH server, however 3.0.3 did give any of the messages. Is there a easy way to go around this problem or is there a possibilty to ignore them is the log?

    And what about the second error "TERM environment variable not set."
    As far as I can see it's related to a linux env. variable, however, I don't know where to start and find it.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Ronald :)
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    ISPConfig 3.0.3 did not support other raid systems, so it did not recognized the installed drivers.

    The messages that you see in the cron.log log are no errors, so you can ignore them.

    Most likely the message is issued by the system update check.

    Ubuntu & Debian:

    apt-get update
    apt-get -s -qq dist-upgrade


    zypper -q lu
    zypper --non-interactive up

    It might be that the message is only printed to the log when one of the commands is executed by cron and not a interactive shell user.
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    It is a raid error, I also noticed a similar error on a debian x64 installation.

    FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory
    Failed to load mptctl

    Is there a possibility to disable the check, the raid wil never be active.


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