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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Samir, Jul 7, 2009.

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    I posted my problem in the german forum, but I did'n get an adequate solution yet.

    My Configuration:
    I've installed Centos 5.3 on a virtual machine (Hyper-V) as described in the perfect server tutorial from howtoforge. After that, I've installed ISPConfig 3 (latest Version from SVN). I want to set up a multiserver-configuration.

    My Problem:
    The installation on master server went off without any problems. Also, there were no problems during the installation of the slave server: I first configured the local MySQL-DB and after the question about the multiserver setup, I entered the access-data of the master server. After the installation is completed, there are no errors in the log-files and the Monitoring reports no problems (I've installed only a Web-Interface on the master-server)

    But my problem always appears after I setup a website or a client. The Error messages are nearly the same (it is definetely the same problem), for example:

    26.06.2009-16:19 - ERROR - Replication failed. Error: (sys_group) UPDATE command denied to user 'ispcsrv2'@'' for table 'server' # SQL: REPLACE INTO sys_group (`groupid`,`name`,`description`,`client_id`) VALUES ('2','test','','1') is the IP Adress of the master server and the user ispcsrv2 only exists on the master servers DB.

    I suggest that this is a bug! I posted it in the bugtracker, but they told me, that I did the installation wrong. but I assume, that I did not.

    Because: After I grant the needed userrights (UPDATE on tables sys_group and server), the problem will not appear anymore. That's why I patched the installation-script. But there is one problem I cannot fix: The status of data in the table sys_datalog keeps beeing "pending", but the job-queue (in the webinterface) is empty.

    Does anybody know how to solve this problem? is it a bug or did I make a mistake during the installation? Will I get any problems with the pending jobs in the sys_datalog?

    I Hope i explained it well, my english is not the best!

    Thank you in anticipation!
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    1) Do not use svn versions on production systems. SVN versions may work or may not work. They are only for development and not for real use on servers.
    2) Use the hostname and not the IP when you specify the hostname of the master server.
    3) The status field of the sys_datalog table is not used for anything and is always pending.

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