ERROR: No name servers found at child

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    I have a setup that had 2 dns servers dns3-master and dns4-slave, in that setup I was able to add reverse delegation on the ripe site, then we had added one more dns server and we made it dns5-slave to the dns3-master. my problem started arousing with giving me error as follows

    >RIPE Database Webupdates
    >***Error: RDNS Authorisation failed
    >Show the full response message
    >- From-Host: x.x.x.
    >- Date/Time: Tue Jan 29 08:50:54 2013


    >Number of objects found: 1
    >Number of objects processed successfully: 0
    >Create: 0
    >Modify: 0
    >Delete: 0
    >No Operation: 0
    >Number of objects processed with errors: 1
    >Create: 1
    >Modify: 0
    >Delete: 0
    >Syntax Errors: 0


    >The following object(s) were found to have ERRORS:

    >Create FAILED: [domain]
    >***Info: Authorisation passed
    >***Info: Syntax check passed

    >descr: NTT Reverse Delegation for x.x.x.0/24
    >admin-c: NRa19-RIPE
    >tech-c: NRa19-RIPE
    >zone-c: NRa19-RIPE
    >mnt-by: MNT-NEU
    >changed: [email protected] 20130129
    >source: RIPE

    >***Info: Authorisation for parent [inetnum] x.x.x.x - x.x.x.x
    >using mnt-lower:
    >authenticated by: MNT-NEU

    >**RDNS: (related to ERROR: No name servers
    >found at child.
    >No name servers could be found at the child. This usually
    >means that the child is not configured to answer queries about
    >the zone.**

    >***RDNS: (related to CRITICAL: Fatal error in
    >delegation for zone

    >No name servers found at child or at parent. No further
    >testing can be performed.

    >***Error: RDNS Authorisation failed


    >The RIPE Database is subject to Terms and Conditions:

    >For assistance or clarification please contact:
    >RIPE Database Administration <[email protected]>

    >Generated by RIPE WHOIS Update version 1.51.1 on WHOIS4
    >Handled sync update (RIPE, LGC, 2013-01-29 08:50:54)
    please help. thank you

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