Error message when createing ramdisk

Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by danlee, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. danlee

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    I know my error lies with my config, as I was able to successfully compile and get the kernel working with the config provided by the debian kernel.

    This is the error message:
    yaird error: Could not read output for /sbin/modprobe -v -n --show-depends --set-version 2.6.24-2-desktop evdev (fatal)
    I am useing Debian Lenny/Sid, AMD64. If you believe the error lies elsewhere please advise what you need to help resolve the problem, thanks :)

    I am just recompileing the kernel once again, with one or two changes to the input section, as I believe that is where it is located, so here is an untested config, will be replying in about 15 mins when it is built to advise if the issue still occurs.

    I have attached my config.

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  2. danlee

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    Ignore topic, apparantly the changes I made to the input device settings resolved the error, hopefully ppl can compare that section to their own if they get the same error.

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