Error at "AliasDomain for website"

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    Error at "AliasDomain for website"

    Hi all,
    I followed the
    Then I setup some dns, email and websites. All worked fine.

    Then I needed to make and to have the same content with, so I created two "Aliasdomain for website", both pointing to
    The above setting did not work as I expected. The and was serving a default ISPconfig web page.
    I played around with "Aliasdomain for website" and "Subdomain for website" from ISPconfig control panel and finaly deleted all these entries. Without any entry, both and are showing the content of !

    I recreated the two "Aliasdomain for website" again but the result is as above.

    How can I make and to stop pointing at and start pointing at

    P.S. I used only the control panel to do changes (I did not touch any file)
    However, I see at /etc/nginx/sites-available a file called is is is is

    domain4 created without specific client (client0)
    domain2 created for client1

    Thank you in advance for you time to read this message.
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    I restarted nginx
    /etc/init.d/nginx restart
    and saw the message:

    Then I found at the following:

    So, i edited /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and uncomment the line:
    server_names_hash_bucket_size 64;
    Then I restarted nginx and my long name domains are working fine.

    It could be nice to be informed from ISPconfig for the erroneous nginx setup.

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