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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by isisky, May 21, 2019.

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    I recently was charged to changethe domain of a website and this resulted in getting a 403 error, the website is using zend framework and so the structure use a /www subfolder into the /web directory ( /web/www).
    Everything was working fine before changing the domain but changing back the domain to the original didn't fixed it.
    I've also tried to make a new website and creating a www subfolder into it give the same 403 error.
    If i'm putting files directly in the /web directory or any other directory i create inside it works fine.
    Also there is other website on the same base where /web/www work just fine.
    I've tried to add this in the apache directive of the option section of the website without success :
    <Directory "/var/www/clients/client88/web108/web/www">
    Allow from all
    Options +Indexes
    Please if you have any idea, everything was working fine before I don't get it...
  2. isisky

    isisky New Member

    ok I needed to add the directive
    DocumentRoot "/var/www/domaine/web/www"
    to make it work

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