Enhancing the Idea of Free Software

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    It is said that if we promote free software more developers will be available tomorrow to join and enrich the community with lot more ability. This will inturn help developing software which will outdo the proprietary alternatives.

    Now keeping this in mind if we think about user acceptance. It is not only based on easy availability of alternative free software. But it is about user-friendliness achievement of which can be further categorised in two ways, either increasing interaction value in interface or make the free alternative available with the training.

    Technology geeks when they make software, are not much aware about user-friendliness in using features available in software by software users. They are more targeted on adding features are very usefull. We can pick any opensource software out there and see that they are, in many cases, more feature enrich than the proprietary but users are not able to easily find those features.

    Organisations should be more encouraged for providing trainings. More and more organisations should be encouraged to document the training modules which can be easily used by company IT incharge or any IT consultant to easily design training modules and offer them to their users and customers.

    The commercial element in the above activity can surely lead to more and more efficient use of open source software for productive purpose.

    Example can be openoffice. Just compare how MS office user will look at openoffice and how openoffice user will look at openoffice.

    A big openoffice users group can be announced for openoffice users to join and voluntarily submit their training modules. Or 10 to 20 different types of projects can be started to develop training modules from different perspective.

    Different perspectives can be discussed at the level of forums or mailing lists

    This Idea can be definitely enhanced by more and more people to make it more and more fruitful for upbringing the Idea of Free Software

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