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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dynamind, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Since october 11 facebook requires a secured connection for fanpages, so I tried to enable https for a domain but apache2 failed to start.
    I entered all data in the SSL Panel except SSL Request, SSL Certifikat& SSL Bundle.
    Then I changed SSL Action to "Save Certificate". After that apache2 crashed, I wasn't able to restart the webserver.

    Is ISPconfig3 able to create the SSL keys or do I have to pre-create the keys with openssl? What's the correct/best way to enable SSL for domains?
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  2. till

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    Select a IP address in the website settings and enable the ssl checkbox, then enter the details of the ssl cert on the ssl tab of the website. make sure that you dont enter any special chars as this can cause openssl to fail to create the correct certs. Then choose create certificate as action and click on save.

    This is described in detail in the manual.
  3. dynamind

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    I bought your manual

    thanks, I see & I guess the wildcard was my fault.
    updated: works!
    till, you're my webhosting-panel-god ; )
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  4. kwickcut

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    i have tried this but when i type in the url for the site i want to use the ssl cert on i am directed to the main server page..

    http://server.com is the same as https://mysite.com
    how do i get around this
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