enable php cli for jailkit chrooted user

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ftassi, May 2, 2010.

  1. ftassi

    ftassi ISPConfig Developer

    hi all,

    i'm trying to configure ispconfig to have ssh user that can use php-cli. My ultimate goal is to create with ispconfig a jailkit user that can run symfony task.

    I've tryed to changing jailkit conf in ispconfig setting :

    /usr/bin/php in " Jailkit chrooted applications" field but it didn't work.

    perhaps this is a jailkit configuration issue rather than an ispconfig one, but i really don't get it and i'm not able to find any usefull information over the web

    thanks for your help.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator

    Have you ctreated a new website after you added /usr/bin/php to the jailed applications? The jail gets only created once when a website get created, it does not get created when you e.g. add a ssh user to a website that has alraedy jailed ssh users.

    To debug this, please create a new website for testing, then add a new jailed ssh user to this site and then check if /usr/bin/php is present in the jail.

    Also, is /usr/bin/php the real cli php binary or just a symlink to the binary. You can e.g. test this with:

    ls -la /usr/bin/php

    If its a symlink, find the php-cli binary and add the path to it in the jailkit configuration instead.
  3. ftassi

    ftassi ISPConfig Developer

    No, I haven't created a new website, only a new user.

    In my env(ubuntu) /usr/bin/php is a symlink to a file that is a symlink to another file, the real path for the php-cli is


    so i've used this one in the jailkit confìguration parameter.

    After changing the conf i've created a new site and a new ssh user for it but it still can't use php.

    Did you have any other idea ?
    Have to wait time between changing jailkit conf and create new site (maybe some cronjob need to run before create a new site with the new conf ?)

    Thank for the replay.

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