Enable directory listing on ISPConfig (nginx)

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  1. Hi. Help me to enable directory listing, please.

    My configuration:
    Ubuntu 13.04
    Nginx 1.2.6

    I've added a web site to ISPConfig, uploaded folder with file and added nginx directive, but no luck... Getting error "403 Forbidden"

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  2. I will be grateful for any help...
  3. I don't know what was wrong, but it's working now! :eek:
    Must be that I added subdir to directive, not just var/www/mywebsite/web but var/www/mywebsite/web/folder
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  4. And it's not working again after resaving site options. I can't get it :mad:
  5. GOT IT!!!
    To use autoindex, you should add a custom dir, root dir (./web) will not be accessable. So in the end of configuration you should open

    Settings below...

    nginx Directives
    location / {
    	autoindex on;

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