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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by danmezzetti, Apr 18, 2011.

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    I work for a small non-profit organization, and I have just got a dedicated server fully preloaded with Debian Lenny + ISPconfig.
    I know how to manage the LAMP stack, but I don't know a thing about mail, DNS and the like. The desired setup should be
    just one web site and multiple email accounts. I wish to use ISPConfig to manage the email setup. My understanding is that I should:
    - create a 'fake' client
    - create in ISPConfig the domain-to-be (we are migrating things and haven't moved the domain to this server yet) and associate it to this fake client
    - create the email accounts et voilà, when the DNS MX record will point to this server, we will have our email accounts
    - don't bother to create the website thru ISPconfig, since there will be only one site on the server, and I can manage it directly.

    Is my reasoning correct? Will the creation of the domain in ISPConfig before really pointing the DNS records to the server affect something?

    This name question confuses me. The server has his own name (something like Where are stored the names of (possibly)
    other sites hosted by the server and don't they conflict with the server's own name? :confused:

    Sorry for the long question and many thanks to all!
  2. till

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    you can create the domain before you change dns.

    You should create the site in ispconfig, even if its just one site.

    The server name may not be identical with a website or email domain that is hosted on the system. So using is absolutely fine.

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