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  1. senormedia

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    I currently have a email accounts in godaddy, but want to set up extra emails in ispconfig as an extra option

    It used to worked in cpanel with this configuration
    I copied the exact zones from cpanel to ispconfig but does not work, am i missing something

    webmail -A Record - IP Address
    cpanel -A Record - IP Address
    whm -A Record - IP Address
    cpcontacts -A Record - IP Address
    ftp -A Record - IP Address TXT spf1
    www CNAME -
    mail CNAME MX A Record IP Address NS godaddy (Not my ispconfig dns) NS godaddy Not my ispconfig dns)
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  2. till

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    The above is fine when domain.compoints to the IP of the server, some of the records are superfluous though and will not be used, e.g. the cpanel, whm, cpcontacts records.

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