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    is there a way that i can use the email for a site but notuse the webmail instead use a email client like out look i have some new sites
    and this would be a great help best wishes
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    Hi Layla got me on my knees... (shaking head, waking up) :p

    yeah there is a way - I'm struggeling to make mine work at the moment so I'm probably not the best candidate to respond to your call...but this is how I see it:

    BTW, this is if you are hosting your own sites using ISP Config...
    (If not, skip this part)
    First -
    Under DNS records of your site, add an "A record" for "mail" (this is only an example - you can use "smtp" or "anyotherword" for that matter). Now create a MX record for "" - this means click on "New MX record". Now leave "Hostname" blank, select "Priority - 10" and enter "Mailserver -".

    Second -
    Now download and install Thunderbird Mail client (it's free and it works great), or use outlook and select options to add a new mail account. For your POP3 server, enter "" and select that authentication is required - enter your username (created under ISP Config - yourdomain - users & email) and password. Thunderbird will prompt for a password later.

    I'm not going to go into the mail client options as this post is not about that, so this should do the trick for receiving mail. If you need more information just click on the corresponding mail clients help option and search "add new account".

    Sending mail (that is the smtp server setting asked for when creating the new account) should technically speaking work just as simple - enter "" and authentication required - your user name and password and now you should be able to send mails as well. You can use your ISP's smtp relay server to send mail.

    This second option is what I'm forced to do - I still don't have quite the hand on smtp relaying and this is where my knowledge will most probably only confuse you.

    Hope this made sense...after all, I've not even had my first cup of coffe :eek:

    Shout if something is unclear.

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