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    i have 2 domains that have the same user name. since in the ispconfig i remove the default username (*web%_*), i can not use the same name again on the second domain. :confused:

    here's the thing

    username for email in amirul is irzan. so in i can not use irzan as the username. how do i go around this ? (i want the username to be irzan on the second domain)

    i understand that if we use email clients, we can force the [email protected] to be used. but, if i can not create the username i want, then logging in using [email protected] is pointless.

    please help.
  2. falko

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    You must enable the prefix (web...) in ISPConfig again.

    This does not work in regular email clients because ISPConfig configures system users, not virtual users.

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