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    hi friend,
    how r u. this is pawan n i need a help from u. in my office i had set up a hylafax server for fax to email and email to fax. well i had configured my hylafax as fax to email. but not able to start email to fax. so plz help me out. friend below is the description of my hylafax server

    O.S - Fedora 7
    hylafax Version - 4.4.2
    fax Modem - U.S.Robotics 56 K

    ur support n guidance will help me a lot.
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    I've only set one up. Incoming faxes got dumped in a shared (via samba) directory where the secretary would move them to personal folders (subfolders in the share).

    Outgoing faxes were set up to print to a fake Samba printer, email was sent to account that did the printing w/ a link to a php script that prompted for cover page info. After completing and submitting, hylafax would send when modems were available. Had 3 modems - 2 incoming dedicated, one outgoing dedicated, and incoming would roll over to outgoing if both incoming were in use. Sent/received over 50k faxes per year for 4 years... only issues were when power was lost.

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