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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jonwatson, May 27, 2008.

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    I have a client that forwards his mail from his ISPConfig installation to another email account. In some cases, we're seeing email successfully forwarded to the other mail server, but no copy saved on his ISPConfig box. The 'Save copy' checkbox is checked in his email account and in most cases a copy is saved.

    One idea that I can come up with is that these seemingly random emails that don't get saved on ISPConfig are being tagged as spam and discarded as per his Spam Strategy setting, yet still getting forwarded off.

    We're going to do some testing in this regard, but I wanted to ask if this is possible. Does the forwarding process take place before the spam scanning process?

    This is ISPConfig 2.2.23.


  2. till

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    Spam scanning is only done for local saved mails only, not for forwarded mails. If the customers has selected to delete mails above a certain spam level, he will get more spam mails forwarded then in his local mailbox.
  3. jonwatson

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    Perfect, thanks Till. That behaviour fits with what we're seeing.


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