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    I want to setup an email server to get my emails from my several online email accounts and then when I launch outlook, outlook will connect to my Linux server and get the emails after spamassisin has scanned them. Then I would like to create a Spam folder and have those sent via a separate email address.
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    Use fetchmail to get your mails to the server then spamassassin to add the score tags then from outlook create a rule to get messages with a spam tag and put them in the spam folder.
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    Thanks for your reply

    That answers some questions for me but what are the steps to do all that. What do I have to do to get Outlook to be able to find, log in, and get my emails from my email server. As far as spamassissin goes, I think what I would do is this, set up some junk folder call it, /home/spam/Maildir. Create a user called "spam" then using that criteria launch outlook to retrieve it, right? Now here's the thing, I've got postfix configured to relay my email through an external host. But I want to have an internal host for Outlook to connect through and send emails so is what I did, right? Here's the how-to that I followed Now I also setup or at least have it half way set up with DNS. I created a zone, gave it a name, then I put the different ip's in it as well. Now I also created a virtual ethlo called it eth0:0 gave it an ip and set that ip as the mail server, is that right? But now when I configure outlook do I use (pop), Then also what would the login information be, the users credentials for logging into the linux box, i.e. username = user password = pwd"? Instead of using the norm of an email address as a username and the same passwd or would I use the email address to login and a passwd? Sorry this is so long I have a lot of questions. I snicerely appreciate all of your help!
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