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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by S3NTYN3L, May 11, 2009.

  1. S3NTYN3L

    S3NTYN3L New Member

    I've got email for my domain now through No-IP.
    This email address would be something like: [email protected]

    I'm running Lenny and ISPC 2.

    I'm also running Joomla.

    I desperately need a contact us form working on my website.

    How in the world do I configure Postfix so it can work with Joomla and my No-IP email account?
  2. guawhitehawk

    guawhitehawk New Member

    I guess you have baught a POP3 Account at no-ip, haven´t you? If so, then your contact form needs an SMTP-PHP Class - then a filled-out contact form will be sent with this php class. It logs into your mailaccount using SMTP and then sents the contact mail to you (or the same account from which you send the mail)

    Anyway a contact form can also sent by using the php builtin "mail" command, BUT most of all "professional" mail servers have spam filters and they did not accept mails from "dynamic" ips! so the only (100% to be sent) way to send mails from a dynamic-ip-based-httpd (long name) is to use SMTP Login to a "trusted" mail server (gmx-smtp also works, or other smtp enabled mailservers) and sent mails using this way...

    i hope my answer helps you. i haven´t used joomla yet...

    greetz, martin
  3. S3NTYN3L

    S3NTYN3L New Member

    Yeah, that's what I purchased.

    I've tried EVERY combination of settings I can think of in Joomla to get this working and it still doesn't.

    I'm clueless as to how my PostFix should be setup to work with all this crap, so... :eek:
  4. guawhitehawk

    guawhitehawk New Member

    so joomla will use postfix to sent the mails? but anyway, if you have a dynamic ip it wont work in 90% of any case!
    best way is to configure joomla (or the contact-form directly! see post above) to sent mails using a defined SMTP Server (not the local one), or you can (dont know if its possible - not yet worked with postfix) tell postfix to sent mails using another smtp server (the no-ip one).....

    at moment i have no other ideas....sry

    greetz, martin
  5. S3NTYN3L

    S3NTYN3L New Member

    Right, I've been trying to do just that...

    Joomla uses SendMail.
    ISPC uses PostFix which uses SendMail stuff...

    I've tried setting Joomla to use Gmail and the No-IP servers, but no joy...

    If I can't get this thing working soon, I'm just going to sell the server.
    This too much of a headache for me while trying to start my business...
  6. guawhitehawk

    guawhitehawk New Member

    its never been easy but if you have one or two hours time left you should spend it to solve such problems and you will be happy after it...."dont give up too early" is my opinion and you can solve every problem! you have to read man-pages for postfix -> "man postfix" and of course the joomla documentation.....i think theres no other way and you should to that because the next problem already waits!

  7. S3NTYN3L

    S3NTYN3L New Member

    I understand...

    I'm a linux newb and get VERY lost VERY easily...

    The man-pages don't help one bit when I've no idea what I'm supposed to be looking for...

    One look at past posts I've made will give you an idea of how long I've been trying to set this thing up...

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