Email Routing and Slow Transport Howto?

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    Hi, I've been reading about email routing in the ISPConfig manual, and I'm interested in the slow transport map options.

    I want to use this option, for example, to make some internal domains that send many mails, are in the slow queue and give them a low priority. This way I believe that it is possible to avoid that the other domains in the server are affected by this behavior of sending mass emails.

    It is possible to do this with this feature, or I am misinterpreting the functionality.

    As I read, you have to make a change in the file to declare the transport map slow and also change the to decalrate the configuration of the same, but I'm not sure how to do it.

    If I append the configuration files, could you tell me how to do the configuration in the best way?
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    Reading about the topic I found this page and how to make the config.

    Origin info ""

    I think the points 2 and 3 is not necesary execute because the ISPConfig Email Routing made this points automatic.

    Change in the files

    # service type private unpriv chroot wakeup maxproc command + args
    # (yes) (yes) (yes) (never) (100)
    slow unix - - N - 1 smtp
    slow_destination_recipient_limit = 20
    slow_destination_concurrency_limit = 2

    Note = is neceary more configuration parameters for the slow transport? For example this other parameter:


    Reload postfix

    postfix reload


    I find this other config but i am not sure about it but I think it is more complete:

    slow unix - - n - 1 smtp
    -o default_destination_concurrency_limit=1
    -o initial_destination_concurrency=1
    -o smtp_destination_concurrency_limit=1
    -o in_flow_delay=2s
    -o syslog_name=slow

    Origin info ""


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