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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by muekno, Jan 14, 2014.

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    First routing works fine, but I have a special case, I would not test as it's a running production system.

    I'm routing all mails (from the interne) for to an exchange system. I receive mails from that system, authenticated via a mailbox user from, to the internet. As I said it works fine.
    For some reason I like to have an additional mailbox for only on the mailserver itself for IMAP send and receive. The mailserver does not only route mails from and to other systems, it has squirllemail and dovecot too, mantaining mailboxes for some other domains.

    Question is it possible to have one or more mailboxes of on the mailserver whie routing all others to the exchange system?

    I think it depends whow the mailadresses are checked "" from "Relay Recipients" in ISPConfig first or the mailboxed defined under "Email Mailbox" in ISPConfig.

    Thank you

  2. till

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    Thats not possible. you van either add a email domain as local domain or route it to a external server.

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