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    -The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 18.04 (Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Postfix, BIND, Dovecot, Pure-FTPD and ISPConfig 3.1) ( Im a noob, enthusiast)
    its the first time I am trying to set up round cube from one of my domains.
    so i created an email domain -
    and then i created the email mailbox [email protected]
    when i go to http://mydomain/roundcube i try to log in with the information i used to create the mailbox .
    user [email protected]
    passwd test1
    i got error-- Invalid request! No data was saved.
    what i am missing ?? what im doing wrong ?
    Thanks for your time and help .
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    You seem to be using ISPConfig despite posting on Linux forum.
    My guess is the URL is wrong. I you set up Roundcube following the ISPConfig Perfect Server Guide (do check you actually did this), use same url you access your ISPConfig panel and add /webmail/ to the end.
    If this does not resolve the issue, check you have followed the Perfect Server guide, and check it twice. Then follow this:
  3. Dameats1

    Dameats1 New Member

    Hi ,
    I apologize for the inconvenience. it would not happened again.
    i just failed to mention this is for a secondary domain.
    Thanks again.

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