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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Yarnell, Jun 26, 2021.

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    Sup folks, hope all is well.
    I'd like to request email quotas per user or domain.

    Currently, ispconfig allows us to set limits per mailbox. As I work on my hosting packages, what I would like to do is give the option of a static, personal and business package which includes 1GB, 5GB and 15GBs of disk space. After trying to set this up I found ispconfig only allows limits on individual mailboxes.

    The reason I find this problematic is because if I advertise 15GBs of email space and the client later requests to have additional mailboxes added to their account then I'm forced to do a manual calculation to figure out what each mailbox should be. Then, once the calculation is done I'll need to go in and update each mailbox (which will just confuse the clients) manually. I'd rather not do per mailbox because I'd have to bill the customer when a new mailbox is created and possibly prorate the amount charged.

    It would be good if the email limits worked just like the database limits with the option to add additional restrictions per mailbox if need be. That way we can just add the email and upsell the client when he/she has reach their limits (just like the databases). I think with would definitly help improve ispconfig.

    Thanks all.
    Much appreciation for the work done on this project. Just awesome :)
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